SlimeScience, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) are going to play a key part in the jobs of the future we are trying to prepare our young people for. At Lea Valley School we not only embrace the importance of those subjects but choose to celebrate them during STEM Week.

This year we had a special rocket assembly provided by Steam Co (they add an “a” for Art), with the whole school watching a real rocket being launched in the playground, special workshops and lessons going on throughout the week and of course, our famous (or infamous…) STEM Market Day.
Dreamcatchers With a limited budget but infinite creativity, all classes had to develop a product to sell to children in the school. Marketing in the form of adverts and posters were made to publicise their products and shown in assemblies and around the school, but it all came down to which class could make the most profit on Market Day. Each class had a stall and teams took turns to sell their wares. It was a fantastic afternoon with over £750 being raised which will go back into developing STEM subjects and activities across the school over the next year.


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