Year 5

In Literacy, pupils explore a range of writing styles, including: informational texts, newspaper writing, argumentative writing, diary writing as well as traditional literature and poetry.  They identify features of these genres and use them in their own work. Children are encouraged to write using a wider range of punctuation and a broad vocabulary.

As in every year, Reading is key and continues to develop in Year 5.  Pupils read daily with an emphasis on comprehension and analysing what they are reading.  Children continue to take books home and complete weekly reading journals. The focus in Year Five is to be able to draw inferences from a text, commenting on the author’s intentions and choices.

Maths in Year 5 is taught through the Maths Makes Sense (MMS) scheme.  The Year 5 scheme reinforces the skills learnt in lower years such as using negative numbers, solving word problems and calculating problems using the four operations (+, -, ÷, x) and introduces pupils to new areas of maths such as multiplying fractions, algebra, identifying and calculating angles and calculating the area of a circle.  Children are expected, by the end of the year, to know all times tables, as well as developing an awareness of square and prime numbers.

Science lessons focus on several key topics: Keeping healthy, Solids, liquids, gases, Sound, Earth, Sun and Moon, Life Cycles and Gases around us. Children are taught to develop hypotheses and test them by planning and carrying out their experiments.

Other subjects are taught in a thematic way. In the autumn term The Tudors focuses on Henry VIII and what it was like to live in Tudor times.  We visit Hatfield House, the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth I. We finish the year with a focus on the Rainforest and to enrich their understanding of this topic, children experience the rainforest through a visit to Kew Gardens in the summer.