Units of Learning

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At Lea Valley Nursery, we believe that children learn best through play. We provide lots of different play activities, both inside and out, to develop their learning in all seven of the Early Years Curriculum areas.

Communication and Language is at the heart of everything we do. At all times, the children are encouraged to use words to communicate, using picture prompts and gestures for those who are learning English as an Additional Language. The class teacher leads Speaking and Listening Groups every day, playing games and reading books that suit and challenge each child’s ability.

The nursery staff support the children’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development through play and circle time sessions, where they spend time learning to listen to, and care about each other. The staff helps the children to feel secure and happy and assist the children with conflicts and building relationships with their peers.

Physical Development is promoted through most areas of the classroom, including the ‘mark-making’, ‘art and design’ and ‘sensory’ areas, where fine motor skills are practised. The children learn to have greater control of their bodies as they explore the outdoor equipment: bikes, climbing frames, hoppers, and smaller objects to throw, catch, kick, roll and balance.

Daily story and register times are used to introduce topics, colours, shapes, numbers and letters as the year progresses. We introduce themes which include ‘All about me’ when the children are settling in, ‘whatever the weather’ with a role-play snow castle and ‘Animals’ where we meet some real animals.

The children enjoy a wide variety of unique events including a visit from a farm, regular trips to our allotment, and a show for parents.

Throughout every learning experience, our children are rewarded as they show greater independence and self-care skills.  From dressing and undressing, to resolving problems, the emphasis is on making choices and having a sense of pride in everything they do.