Units of Learning

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In the Reception classes the children are encouraged to develop their social skills and learning through play.

In Literacy, the children are introduced to new sounds daily. Once confident, the children are taught to blend using these sounds. Children use their ‘spelling fingers’ to help them write words. They are given a library book and a reading book and are encouraged to read daily. The writing and mark making areas allow the children to explore their writing skills independently. By providing a language rich learning environment, children develop their confidence in reading and writing.

Communication and language is developed through role play, key worker groups and through spontaneous play.

In Maths, the children are taught to recognise numbers and shapes. As counting skills are developed, children are taught to add and subtract using a variety of objects. Children develop their problem solving skills and confidence through play based activities.

Through enriching activities the children develop their understanding of the world independently. Our outdoor environment allows a first-hand experience of nature. This well-equipped area allows children to participate in physical activities daily. This provides them with the opportunity to develop their fine and gross motor skills.

Children have free choice in the creative areas allowing them to explore and develop their own art and design ideas. Through spontaneous and planned activities children develop their imaginative play. Both reception classes have an indoor and a joint outdoor role-play area.

Throughout Reception children grow in confidence becoming active and creative learners.