Year 1

Units of Learning

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Year 1 will be an exciting, transitional year where the pupils will consolidate their knowledge from Reception and work to become independent learners.


In Literacy/RWI children will continue to practise all letters and sounds and to use their knowledge of sounds to read and write. They will develop their writing skills and will progress from writing simple sentences to stories using a range of punctuation and adjectives. They will learn to read through their work to improve it.  We will read a variety of fiction and non-fiction books and learn about their features. Children will use drama to make the stories come alive.

Children will read daily and will be tested on the Year 1 key words. In class, as part of the Big Read we will read a large selection of stories to encourage children to understand how to use comprehension skills and to enrich their language skills. We will visit the school library once a week and children will choose books that they enjoy and that will encourage the development of their reading.

In Maths we will follow the Inspire Maths scheme of work. This year we will cover addition and subtraction with numbers to 40, Multiplication and division, Ordinal numbers, Time, Shapes and Word Problems.

In Science we will focus on developing children’s ability to work scientifically by asking questions, observing, performing simple tests, identifying and classifying and gathering and recording data. Our topics will include changing materials, animals including humans, plants and seasonal changes.

Children will be taught a range of topics within other subjects such as: Kings and Queens in History, sculptures in Art and learning about different beliefs in RE. We will have regular PE, ICT and Music lessons as well as PSHE lessons and circle time lessons. We will also have Spanish lessons once a week.

Outside the classroom we will go on many trips of which relate to the topics or books we are learning about at the time. These trips will be both local and further away and will bring the children’s learning to life.