Year 2

Units of Learning

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Welcome to a very important year for your child! Year Two is the year when your child becomes more independent and takes a greater responsibility for their learning.

In Literacy, children study a variety of texts and writing styles such as story writing, poetry and instructions.  They are taught how to use their knowledge of sounds to build the words they need and use a wider range of punctuation.

Reading takes place daily and each Guided Reading group will read to the teacher once a week. The children are taught to break down new words into parts so they can be read and use punctuation to help them phrase the sentences correctly. Reading should be a fun experience that all children enjoy. It is not only about saying the words, but understanding what they mean.

Our Maths curriculum explains tricky concepts in a very simple way and the children enjoy celebrating their success. Real life problems are acted out and maths stories are made enjoyable with a variety of equipment. Children often work with a partner, teaching their friend the concepts we have learned to consolidate their own knowledge.

Our Science work over the year covers a range of topics: The Natural World Around Us and How Things Grow, Dinosaurs, Materials and How We Can Change Them, Forces and Electricity. Lots of practical activities help the children to gain knowledge and an understanding of our world and how we use science in our everyday lives for example, the children investigate which material would make a good water-proof cape for Little Red Riding Hood.

Over the year, the children have many different experiences to enrich their learning: school trips, visitors to the school, event weeks, cooking and role play, to name a few. Your co-operation and help, where you can give it, is greatly appreciated.  At Lea Valley School we are firm believers in the home-school partnership.  Together we can help your child achieve their full potential.