Year 4

Units of Learning

Click on the link above for an overview of the ‘Units of Learning’.


Year 4 will become independent learners and take more responsibility in setting their own learning goals.  Lots of preparation for Year 5 will take place.  The children will be taught in a positive learning environment where each child is challenged to achieve to their full potential.


In Literacy, children will analyse texts of different genres, picking out key features and using these to create their own compositions.  Our focus will be to make the children’s writing lively and engaging to the reader as well as using more advanced punctuation and grammar.  Through using genre checklists, the children will uplift and edit their own work and will use dictionaries to check their spelling.  The children will be encouraged to take pride in the presentation of their work and the emphasis will be on clarity for the reader.


In Reading, children will read daily as part of our ‘Big Read’ in addition to their home school reading book.  We will visit the school library on a weekly basis. Over the year the children will encounter a variety of genres including non-fiction, poetry, historical and modern fiction and stories from other cultures.


In Maths we follow the Inspire Maths curriculum, which is designed to use physical objects to aid learning before progressing on to solving abstract calculations and word problems.  The aim is to develop confident, competent and accurate mathematicians.


In Science we will cover Classification and Variation in the Animal Kingdom, Physical Processes of the Human Body and Food Chains.   Our work on Electricity will involve creating circuits and discussions about electrical safety.  Our work on Sound will involve studying how sounds are made, transmitted through materials and received by the human ear.  There will be a visit to the Wonderlab at the Science Museum to enable the children to take part in many interactive experiments.


Other subjects will be taught through these themes: India, the Ancient Greeks and The Romans.  The children will enjoy taking part in a Greek day, learning about Ancient Greek civilisation.  They will compare and contrast life in India and Tottenham and take part in an Indian village workshop.  We will have regular PE sessions to enable the children to further develop their co-ordination skills, their understanding of techniques to control a ball and their sense of teamwork/ sportsmanship.


Music lessons will be led by specialist teachers and will enable the children to learn how to play a musical instrument and we will perform several concerts over the year, which we hope the parents enjoy watching.


Year 4 will take part in Enabling Enterprise where they will produce and market their own products.  This will enable them to work on their leadership and team work skills.  As part of the project the children will visit a law firm to experience a real life working environment.