Year 5

Units of Learning

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Year 5 will be a year full of exciting opportunities. It’s also the crucial pre-SATs preparation year, where the children are encouraged to become increasingly independent: to be able to organise themselves, their study time and their resources. It’s a time where they begin to get a taste for responsibilities and privileges that set the upper KS2 children apart from the rest of the school.


Our Year 5 English lessons are mainly based on the ‘Talk for Writing’ principle, developed by Pie Corbett. The children will also enjoy learning different stories through ‘Bags of Fun’ and through the use of mind maps. We expose the children to various genres of writing including fiction and non-fiction texts, which have included: myths and legends, stories from other cultures, poems, newspaper reports, persuasive letters and instructions. In addition, the children will have their first taste of Shakespeare, where they study the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Spelling, punctuation and grammar are also integrated into our daily English lessons, whereby the children are taught how to identify and use various grammatical techniques and sentence types in order to create effect.


As part of the daily reading lesson ‘The Big Read’, the children participate in whole class reading through challenging and engaging texts. They will develop their inference, retrieval and vocabulary skills, in addition to answering SATs style questions. The texts that we will study are: Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp, Wonder, Beowulf, Romeo and Juliet and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.


Year 5 will be taught mathematics through the ‘Inspire’ approach. The children will enjoy using manipulatives to gain a greater understanding of mathematical concepts.  They will develop their mental maths and problem solving skills. They will work on applying their arithmetic skills to a variety of word problems involving the four operations, percentages, fractions and decimals.


In Science, the children will learn about the Planets and Space, Forces, the Lifecycles of animals including humans and plants. The year 5 team will have a lot of fun planning, designing and making our STEM product this year.


In History, the children will study the Crime and Punishment in the UK and about another culture’s history (Ancient Islamic Civilisation). In Geography they will learn about the rainforest, where they will study the physical conditions of the rainforest, including its weather and climate, and how and where the rainforest animals and people live.


The children of Year 5 will have many memorable and educational experiences this year: they will become more competent swimmers during their weekly swimming lesson at Duke’s Academy, participate in a flamenco-themed Spanish day, visit the Tower of London, watched a full orchestra in concert at the Hackney Empire and participate in interactive music sessions with Apollo Music Projects and watched Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale at the National Theatre. 20 children from Year 5 will also have the opportunity to be part of the Tottenham University programme, which will include trips to the Houses of Parliament and Oxford University.