Year 6

Units of Learning

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Year 6 is an exciting, transitional year where the pupils consolidate their knowledge and become independent learners in preparation for secondary school. In Literacy and Maths lessons children are taught in smaller classes to ensure they reach their potential before they complete their time at Lea Valley.

In Literacy, children become proficient in recognizing features of all genres of writing and then using these features when producing their own compositions. Our focus is making children’s writing lively and engaging to the reader.  Children are taught to use a genre checklist to level and edit their own work.  Emphasis is also put on the ability to form and articulate their own viewpoint and take pride in presenting their work orally.

Children read daily in sessions with their class teacher. In addition they are required to complete a reading journal to enhance their understanding of the books they are reading independently. In class we study a  gripping novel: Wild Boy to encourage children to understand how to read for meaning and to enrich their language skills.  Class novels are chosen with care to introduce children to new authors and broaden the range of genres that they read.

In Maths, the aim is to become confident, competent and accurate mathematicians.  Core skills are revised and practiced to enable the children to begin to apply them in a real life context.  Logical thinking and problem solving are key to their progress along as well as embedding key knowledge taught throughout the previous years.

The focus of Science is developing children’s enquiry skills and teaching them how to articulate and record their findings in a scientific way. Topics covered are: electricity, light, forces, changes, habitats and adaptations and micro-organisms.

Other subjects are also taught. We learn about Leisure and Entertainment throughout the 20th century, Natural Disasters and World War Two. These are taught with a focus on practical skills and enhanced through visits or themed days such as experiencing life as a child evacuee. Children will also take part in an exciting production based on a West End musical.

Outside the classroom children have the opportunity to further develop their physical skills by taking part in after school clubs such as football, netball and dance.