Mission Statement

Lea Valley Primary School recognises that all children are entitled to quality education. Pupils are entitled to access the whole school curriculum, and to become fully integrated learners within the school. We recognise that the welcome and involvement we offer parents can help us teach their children more effectively.


  • To give children and parents information about Lea Valley Primary and the admission procedure.
  • To make each child’s start a happy and successful one.
  • To establish a partnership with parents that will be lasting and productive, successful and positive.

We are currently oversubscribed and there is a waiting list for new students.

All places at the main school are allocated by the Local Authority, which is Haringey.  The relevant application forms can be collected from the Education Office at 48-62 Station Road, Wood Green, London, N22 4TY.

You can apply online by clicking here.

The following criteria are applied when considering the admission of children to the school:

  • Special or social need supported by the relevant agencies
  • Proximity of home address to Lea Valley Primary School
  • Brothers and sisters currently on roll at Lea Valley Primary School

Applications for places in the Nursery are dealt with by the school.  Application forms are available from the school office and places are allocated on the basis of age.

Please note that a place in the Nursery does not guarantee a place in the main school, although we hope that children will be with us throughout their primary years.  Admission to the main school is decided by the Local Authority, as outlined above. You have the right to appeal if your application for a place at the school is unsuccessful.

Nursery Admissions

The Nursery is a part time unit able to accommodate 30 children per session for 15 hours per week, split into six 2½ hour sessions. These are either 5 morning sessions plus one afternoon session or one morning session and five afternoon sessions.

Parents register the children as early as they want and their children’s names are entered into the Nursery Book. The places are allocated by looking through the Nursery Book, children must have turned 3 or will be turning 3 by 31st August – siblings are first on the list, followed by special needs. After these we then go by proximity to the school.

Initially, those children on our first run are notified by letter in June and have a set date by which to reply. If they do not get in touch we telephone them to ensure that the place is not required. Once we are aware that we have extra places that we can allocate we again use the closest proximity criteria from the Nursery Book. This time we telephone parents.

Parents are invited to bring their children to the Nursery Unit to meet with the teachers in June/July. At this meeting they are given information about how the Nursery operates including an introduction to the Nursery routines, how the children are settled in, how the parent/carers are expected to support their child initially in settling in, the importance of punctuality and attendance and the start and finishing times of the session.

They will be given a starting date for September.  Children start on a staggered basis to give them and the staff the opportunity to work with smaller groups of new children. Parents are also informed that the child’s place in Nursery does not guarantee them a place in school.