The classroom is the place where teaching and learning takes place. Below are listed some general expectations for the working environment in the classroom:

  • Children are expected to do their best and to try hard with their work
  • Children are expected to remain ‘on task’; they should know what is to be done when they have completed the task
  • Children are expected to use quiet voices in the classroom; there are times when children will work in silence, particularly at KS2
  • There should be clear systems in place to allow children to gain the teacher’s attention
  • There should be minimum movement around the classroom

Expectations of Pupil Behaviour

It is important that the children understand the purpose of guidelines for behaviour, i.e. to promote the safety and well-being of everyone.

The core expectations are as follows:

  • Always do your best
  • Be kind, considerate and polite towards others
  • Listen to what other people have to say
  • Put up your hand if you want to say something
  • When a teacher asks you to stop, put your pencil down and listen
  • Always use quiet voices in school
  • Always walk in school
  • When walking around the school, always keep to the left
  • Share with others
  • Help and support each other in work and play
  • Show respect to children and others
  • Try to sort a problem out for yourself before seeking help
  • Look after your property and that of others
  • Clear away your own belongings and school equipment
  • Look after the school environment so that it is a pleasant place for learning

For more detailed information regarding behaviour please see:

LVS Behaviour Policy July 2022