The aim of homework at LVS is to enhance pupil learning and promote academic achievement through the partnership between home and school.

It will:

  • Improve the quality of the learning experience offered to the pupils
  • Extend and support the learning experience through reinforcement and revision
  • Provide opportunities for parents, pupils and the school to work in partnership
  • Provide opportunities for children to share and enjoy learning experiences with their parents
  • Encourage children to develop long-term strategies for their future learning needs
  • At Years 5 & 6, to prepare children for transfer to their secondary school

The Purpose of Homework

Regular and appropriate homework will allow parents to become involved in the education of their children. It will exploit opportunities for learning, of all kinds, at home. It will extend school learning and allow pupils to make greater progress.

At LVS, teachers will set homework for a variety of reasons. These will include:

  • Consolidating and reinforcing skills and understanding developed at school, particularly in Literacy and Numeracy
  • Practice of specific skills, ie. learning by ‘doing’
  • Learning and memorising factual knowledge
  • Extending school learning, eg. through investigations, additional reading
  • Developing good habits, which will foster high standards as well as encourage independence

As children progress through the school, the purposes of homework will change.

However, ALL children should read EVERY DAY.


The key purpose is to develop a partnership with parents/carers through active involvement in their children’s learning, eg. through reading together, playing simple games, learning spellings and number facts, practice of key skills and talking about their learning.


The skills of independent learning will start to be developed. By the time children reach Year 6 the homework programme will cover a wider range of tasks and curriculum content, with a regular weekly schedule, to ease the transition to secondary school.

Year Group Recommended Time Range of Activities


10 minutes daily Literacy and Numeracy

Y1 & 2

15 minutes daily Spelling and other literacy work.

Numeracy work

Y3 & 4

20 minutes daily Literacy and Numeracy as for Y1/2. Occasional assignments in other subjects.

Y5 & 6

40 minutes daily Regular weekly schedule with continued emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy, but also ranging across curriculum, e.g. science.

For more detailed information regarding homework at Lea Valley School please see:

Homework Policy