The School Day

The School Day

The school day starts at 8.55am and finishes at 3.15pm for pupils in Reception to Year 6. Lea Valley Primary School also run a Nursery 3-4 year olds from 9am to 12noon.

We also have a breakfast club from 8am to 8.55am and a range of other activities that children can take part in after school.

At Lea Valley Primary School the school day is organised as follows:

  Activity Time Description
Morning (am) Registration 8.55 In KS2 classes some Basic Skills work will be reinforced while registers are called.
Assembly/Class Worship 09.10 On days where there is no assembly (KS1 – Tues; KS2 – Thurs) an Act of Worship is carried out in the classroom.
Lesson 1 09.30 – Break
Break 10.25 – 10.40

10.40 – 11.00

For YR, Y3 & Y4 classes

For Y1, Y2, Y5 & Y6 classes

Lesson 2 10.40/11.00 – Lunch
Lunch 12.00 – 1.00

12.00 – 1.15

For KS2 classes

For KS1 classes

Afternoon (pm) Reading (Big Read)

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Story Time

1.00/1.15 – 3.15 There is some degree of flexibility within the afternoon format. Teachers will organise the timings of session to ensure that subject time allocations can be met and schemes of work can be covered.
Hometime 3.15 End of school day.
Extra-Curricular Clubs 3.15 – 4.20

The school day finishes at 3.15 p.m.


These are the compulsory times we are open and this equates to 31.7 hours in a typical week.