Secondary School Promotion

Below are some of the local schools that have promotional content for you to look at to help make your decision about what schools to apply to.


Alexandra Park School

Please click here for the school video.

Please sign up here to be added to our list of parents interested in receiving future updates


Duke’s Aldridge Academy




Gladesmore Secondary Transfer


Harris Academy Tottenham

Harris Secondary Admissions

Virtual Open Evening




You can watch an introduction from me HERE showing you how you can get to know us this year

  • HEREor HERE you can watch our school film
  • HERE parents can sign up to a Headteacher talk and Q&A which we are running every Wednesday in October

HERE is a form to complete should you wish for:

  • Printed leaflets to be sent to you for your parents
  • Book a Zoom call with a member of our SLT and some of your year 6s from last year with your current year 6s
  • Have a request i,e that we attend a virtual info evening or similar

This form will be open until October 15th.