Year 1


In Year One the children are expected to work both independently and co-operatively in groups. In Literacy lessons, through the Read, Write, Inc. phonics scheme, children develop their reading and writing skills. They have the opportunity to write their own stories and non-fictional texts during our Big Writing lessons. In addition to this the children participate in Speaking and Listening activities and retell some of their favourite stories that have been read to them in class.

Children read on a daily basis during Guided Reading sessions with their teacher. They talk about the books to enhance their understanding and enjoyment of what they have read. Their home reading books are changed once a week.

In Maths, we follow the Inspire Maths scheme of work. The children learn about a different aspect of Maths every day, broadening their experience and challenging their own thinking and mathematical strategies. Children enjoy practical activities where the application of their newly acquired maths skills are expected and celebrated.

The children find out about a range of different topics throughout the year. In autumn we start off with “Ourselves”. In Science, children explore their physical features and characteristics as well as those of animals. Our next topic is “This Little Light Of Mine”, which focuses on the concepts of Light and Dark in Science. In spring our topic is “Come and Play” which has a History focus looking at toys. Other topics include: “Things That Grow”, “Make Yourself at Home” and “Everybody’s on a Summer Holiday.”

Each topic has a focus on key curriculum areas and is designed to be as creative and exciting as possible. For example, the children make houses and playground structures during Design and Technology in the topic, “Make Yourself at Home”. Other examples include art work around plants and the seaside in “Everybody’s on a Summer Holiday.”

In Religious Education the children learn about a range of different faiths like Christianity and Judaism.  Children are exposed to technology such as iPads and laptops in Computing, using a variety of software including specific Maths and English educational applications.

The children enjoy Physical Education and experience different ways of keeping fit and healthy in addition to valuable skills using balls, gymnastic equipment and benches.